9 Good Reasons To Train Your Staff In Content Writing

By Joy Nandy

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Content Marketing is the most effective and free way to market products and services in this Digital age. Companies and Marketing Managers everywhere are realising the truth of the statement below by Google:

“Blogging is the ultimate way to drive traffic to your website, and as a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy.” – Google


Why Content Marketing is the Best Digital Marketing Strategy?

There are many reasons why Content Marketing outweighs all other forms of Digital Marketing Strategies, such as, Digital Advertising.


Here are the 9 good reasons to train your staff in Content Writing:

1. It is Free

Blogging is a free tool that is available on most websites that companies can use to promote their services and products.


2. You are in control of the content and distribution

From the beginning to the end, you are in control of what goes into your story, or not. You have the editorial and publishing power to inform people exactly what you want your audiences to know, and when they need to know.


3. Your articles and blogs last forever (unlike digital ads)

Digital advertisements last for the duration that you set the advertising campaign, however, the blogs you post shall last a lifetime on the internet, or for as long as your website is online. This works better than advertisements because whenever people search for your product or services online, even years later – they may still find you, unlike an expired ad.


4. Google ranks original and meaningful articles high on its Search Engine

Google loves and appreciates original and meaningful content. They prefer us to write articles that can rank on their first page, organically, instead of those who take the shortcut and place ads on the first page.


5. Unlike digital ads, your article remains on the internet forever for people to find

As stated earlier, your articles and advertorials last on the internet for as long as you want them. If you wish to update or change an article, you can do that too. The advantage of having your content on the internet permanently is the chance that your article may be picked up by someone searching for your product or service anytime in the present and future.


6. People trusts meaningful ‘stories’ instead of advertisements in this age

In this digital age where people have access to any kind of information, they prefer truth and compassion in our communication. The audiences have become wiser now, and they want mature content. They want meaningful stories of our products, companies, and personalities. Blogs are perfect for storytelling, and Storytelling sells today.


7. You have more time to write details on your company, services, or products

Again, unlike paid advertisements, you have more space and time to sell your services through elaborate explanations of your company and products through blogs.


8. You have the flexibility to write content on Current Trends using appropriate ‘keywords’ and ‘keyphrases’ to be found on the internet

Keywords are the most important part of any article and blog online. This is where the magic happens. You can learn about Keyword planning and use in our Content Writing & Content Marketing Course for Companies.


9. You get to insert ‘keywords’ and ‘tags’ in your blogs to be found easily on search engines

This is another very important part that many people do not teach because it involves the website. You need to insert the appropriate Keywords as Tags in your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) settings. If this is not done properly, the entire effort of writing a wonderful article is a useless effort because this article will never be found on search engines. We also teach how to do this in our Content Writing & Content Marketing Course for Companies.


Writing is a skill for life

The School Of Digital Advertising, offers many face-to-face and online courses on Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Content Marketing & Content Writing, many of them involve learning the tools available on a particular website which is necessary. But learning the ‘writing skill’, is an asset for life. Once you learn the rule of writing for the various different media and objectives, is a skill that remains with you forever, available for use at anytime.


Companies training their staff in Content Writing

There is a growing trend where companies have realised the importance of Content Writing & Content Marketing and are offering Content Writing & Content Marketing training for their HOD’s, Brand Managers, and Sales & Marketing staff. This move is in the right direction because a company’s full-time staff will know of the company’s services, products, ethos and ethics to write and express them better compared to a hired external writer. Staff of companies may not only ‘write’ content for their company’s products and services, but they can also make in-house videos (Content Marketing) using their smartphones. Using videos to run Recruitment ads for a company is also an effective way to reach out to potential candidates. All these can be done by a company’s in-house marketing department staff that will help save a lot of money on third-party fees.

In summary, today’s companies must need to provide space and talent similar to advertising agencies because today, the power of Digital Advertising is in the hands of the people – for the first time in history.