By Joy Nandy

joy nandy

Parenting… has anyone got this right?

Many of us look up to our parents and elders with much respect and since they are older than us, we assume that everything they tell and teach us MUST be right and gospel.

But after living through half of my lifespan, I have discovered that parents, and their parents – no one really knew parenting.

Each generation tends to follow the upbringing style of the previous generation, again, thinking that that has to be the right way.

A man once told me how he smacked his child and punished him by putting him into a van by himself. He continued to say that that’s what his dad did to him, and he reckons that he turned out alright.

But how can torturing a child in any shape or form be “Right?”, I ask.

Be Your Own Parent

This is why I would advise the young generation to surely take what you find is good from the previous generations, but please do not take everything blindly.

Many elders have taken advantage of the innocence of children.

These unfortunate children have grown up and they have realised that they have been taken advantage of by their elders.

Many are left with sad memories of their past, caused by their own parents and guardians, and in some cases, lives have been ruined.

This is indeed sad because the elders should always protect the young, never take advantage of them.

So the best way to good parenting, I believe, is for couples to first become more spiritual and get involved in spiritual activities.

Then purchase and read some spiritual books that discuss right behaviour and thinking.

Practice what you have learned diligently for a period, and after you have discovered what life is all about, then go ahead and bring children into this world.

And when your children arrive into this world – treat them with love and respect.

Speak to them nicely and gently, but do not pamper them, because this can ruin them too.

Allow them to be heard and listen to them properly.

The rest will fall into place.

Good luck.