Challenges of Property Developers – Their Side of The Story

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As house buyers we feel that we are the Maharajas of the world. We believe that developers must accommodate our every whim and fancy, and when there is a delay in our property delivery, we go ballistic. We start to think of the worst.


In the 60’s and 70’s there was a common term in the property business when developers do not deliver on the promised date – “tawke lari” (the developer has absconded). Whilst, in every industry, there will be some who intend to conduct unethical business practices, but in the 2000’s developers in Malaysia are serious about their businesses who intend to build long-lasting and popular brands for themselves and to go public one day. They are proud of their products and wish to genuinely provide a good level of service to their buyers for the sake of their futures.


The Malaysian Mentor is about recognising the hard work and dedication to building brands and businesses and wish to expose such resilient and powerful men and women behind them. We wish to publish the stories of people who have faced the various challenges in the pursuit of building a business, career, or even life. We wish to reveal the emotions of these people through articles so that everyone can be more understanding and accommodating with each other when we have an understanding of what the other has been through, and not resort to harshness when things do not go according to plan.


The Malaysian Mentor caught up with a few property developers in Kuala Lumpur and have heard their side of the story and the reasons why sometimes property deliveries are delayed and the causal chain that ensues. For the first time, people of any industry have a voice through The Malaysian Mentor to set right a negative public perception purely through words – to help people understand what each business person or entrepreneur, who is only a human being trying to live in this world, goes through from an emotional point of view, and learn to be more understanding with each other in all transactions and dealings.


Property Investment

Property investment is the preferred investment type for investors anywhere, and so it is here in Malaysia. Developers in Malaysia have received a lot of slack from buyers and the public for various reasons over the years, but they do not have a channel to voice their story, as it is with all industries. Buyers would resort to writing harsh comments on the company’s facebook pages, resulting in these companies deleting their facebook pages because they are unable to explain the fine details in such a fashion – social media.


One of the developers we spoke to highlighted the issue of late deliveries which is common in property development because there are various factors that can cause a delay, and some of them are beyond the control of man altogether, for an example, heavy rains. Continuous rains will always delay any project simply because it is dangerous for workers to work in the rain. Also, when a project exceeds its expected delivery time, the biggest loser is always the developer first who has invested lots more money into the project compared to the buyer. For an example, the developer owns all 200 units of a given project, and is therefore at a bigger loss, compared to a buyer who owns only one unit.


Seeing this trend, The Malaysian Mentor has come up with a new medium to give, not only property developers, but people in all industries who wish to reverse a negative public perception through explanatory articles and to provide inspiration on how they overcame their challenges. It is also developed for anyone who wishes to build his or her public profile on the internet via a popular news portal for marketing and business purposes and to take the mentor position to inspire others. The Malaysian Mentor is here to support the Malaysian business communities by offering some support through free publicity.


This article is to open the path to future articles that we will receive directly from property developers who, for the very first time in Malaysia, will talk to us about the challenges they face in building and delivering our new homes and the reasons in detail.


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