Each one of us makes our own reality just by our thoughts, beliefs, and ideals


Negative thoughts prevent success and happiness.


All the things that have happened to us were the results of our thoughts. The cause was our thoughts; the effect was the variety of events that have happened to us, good and bad. Negative and limiting thinking, words, and actions have made us sad and poor.


So if we want only good and nice things to happen to us, we need to practice good and positive thoughts and actions – all the time. We cannot slip into negative thoughts in one minute and go back to positive thoughts in the next. All our thoughts have to be kind, loving, and compassionate for everyone, even the murderer, because no one is his or her body, we are all the same One, and are divine. So we should not hate or judge anyone, but be equal and fair to all.


In order to do this effectively, not to slip into negative thoughts and actions, I am recommending a new method to not reprogramme your existing mind that many experts recommend, but to replace it all together. Adopt a whole new way of thinking that has nothing to do with your old way of limiting beliefs.


Ideals setting and visualising are important in this process of wealth and success attraction. We have to set specific goals or ideals as to what we want, and why we want what we want, then visualise that ideal, hold steadfastly onto it while enjoying the “feeling” of being grateful for already having it.


Pretend to possess the item you desire already. When we thank God or the Universe in advance, the Soul gets confused, and does everything to manifest what we are grateful for – this is the greatest secret in manifestation. For this, we need a new way of thinking and believing, and also to develop a positive mental attitude.


Each one of us have the infinite power to determine the outcome of our lives and destiny through right thought and action today. What we do today shall determine our future.


*Article from the book “Artha – God Wants Us To Be Rich” (Page 60) by Joy Nandy. Available in e-book and paperback.