Limiting Beliefs Prevent Success

By Joy Nandy

We have been fed a lot of wrong and damaging information since we were born.


The way we have been conditioned by the thoughts of others all our lives have led us to sorrow and sadness until now. We have to remove all those limiting beliefs within us by ourselves. No one else can do it for us. Those feelings of lack have only attracted lack; we need to now think of wealth and happiness to attract them.


To achieve success and wealth – we need to reprogramme our mind. We need to acquire the wisdom to realise that our current way of thinking is not suiting us nor the people around us well, and changes need to be made. I have always believed that, if a present way of thinking is not serving me well, then I should stop thinking that way. Spiritual Knowledge has introduced me to someone really reliable that can help us with our mind.


Because we have been conditioned by the negativity of others and the poor conditions that we may have been exposed to when we were growing, may have made us believe that this life of lack is the accepted norm. And we believe that to be rich is not for everyone, only a few lucky ones. Not for us.


Many wealth speakers have advised us to reprogramme our mind from negativity to positivity if we wish to attract wealth. They want us to go into the existing mind and make repairs to it, to reprogramme it. But I have a better and more effective method – replace the mind all together.


There is no point in using the same mind that got us into trouble to get us out of trouble. We can use someone else, we can use who we truly are – the Great and omnipotent Soul – this is who we are really.


To be successful entrepreneurs, we need to toughen up from the inside-out. Spiritual knowledge and practice can help anyone to access this powerful inner strength that is us.


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