LRT Staff Helps Deliver Baby At Train Station – A Hero

Shahira Nurdiyana Rauf

KUALA LUMPUR, November 9th – A staff of Rapid KL, Shahira Nurdiyana Rauf, 32, and her colleagues, had to take on the roles of midwives in order to deliver a baby at the Puchong Prima LRT train station.

Shahira was resting when the incident took place around 6.30pm yesterday. She heard a scream from a coworker asking for help. A 36-year-old passenger came complaining about severe stomachaches, and showed signs that she may be going into labour, which took place near the ticket counter of the station.

Assessing the situation, the quick-thinking station staff, assisted by the station’s cleaning supervisors, took the woman in labour into the treatment room located at the station.

While waiting for the medical team to arrive, which were already alerted, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in the waiting room with the help of the staff of Rapid KL, who took on the role of a midwife immediately.

The woman and the baby were subsequently taken in an ambulance to the Serdang Hospital to receive treatment by the medical staff.

Shahira Nurdiyana, who herself just returned to work after her own maternity leave, is grateful that the baby and the mother are well and healthy.

When asked, she confessed that she was nervous initially, but she had to develop the courage to help the lady in labour, a challenge she took on without any hesitation.

Shahira’s quick and selfless act has received applause and appreciation from the Infrastructure management and her superiors. Her act of courage was celebrated with a simple ceremony at the Prasarana Headquarters at UOA Bangsar Tower, Kuala Lumpur.

Chief Operation Officer of the Prasarana Group, Datin Hajjah Norlia Noah, presented a Token of Appreciation to Shahira, as a thank you from the company.


Image source Rapid KL


Norlia also praised Shahira’s courage and ability to handle a complex situation, and called upon all her staff to exemplify this act of willingness to help others at an instance.

All infrastructure frontline staff of the company have been trained in handling emergency cases and basic medical assistance. This is recorded in a course that must be passed for every frontline staff.

Although the scope of midwife is not the core of a frontline officer of the operational rail staff, but the basic knowledge can help the people who need it, as demonstrated in this event.


– Article source Rapid KL



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