Making Millions Out of Waste? That Would Be Fat Hopes

Waste To Wealth

Vinesh Sinha

His GF told him “Fat Hopes” to his business idea – he named his company that, and created a multi-million ringgit company from fat.

Vinesh Sinha was only 19 when he was brainstorming his new business idea with his girlfriend and family members, when his GF told him “Fat Hopes”.

That sparked an idea in this young entrepreneur’s mind who subsequently registered a company called “Fat Hopes”, raised it to a multi-million ringgit company – and married his gf. And together they have brought into this world their beautiful daughter and son.

Vinesh‘s idea was about converting fat and used cooking oil into biodiesel which can be used as an alternative to the high-polluting and crude diesel fuel. This was in 2010.

Fast forward to 2017 and 2018, the young entrepreneur, since his brainstorm session at his balcony, has won several branded Entrepreneur Awards, which includes the E&A Best Entrepreneur Award, whilst expanding his business and client base which include the top petroleum brands in the world.

But all these did not come easy to Vinesh Sinha, as he confesses.

At a private interview with this young and energetic individual, he did talk about the times that he wished that he had someone to help and guide him in the early stages. However, in retrospect, he feels that because he did not have access to such help, he had to learn how to do things himself. This meant, creating an entire biodiesel plant from scratch, the ground up, and he was only 19. He learned much of building his biodiesel factory from YouTube videos, as the young lad confesses.

Today, however, young Vinesh runs a full production biodiesel factory made by his own hands, creating top quality biodiesel fuel that he exports in large quantities to top petroleum companies in Europe. Yet, he will never forget the challenges he faced, which moulded him to become the successful entrepreneur that he is today. And as someone who has literally been “through the mill”, Vinesh gives talks at universities on his product and journey to success and is regarded as a mentor to many, and he is open to mentor anyone who needs mentoring.


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* Image courtesy of Vinesh Sinha