Our best inspirations come when we are down

Joy Nandy

Image source: New York Times

The bad and nasty situations in the world have given birth to some of the best ideas, results, solutions, concepts, music, books, literature, theater, etc., the world has seen. Some of the world’s best ideas, products and services we enjoy today, were created out of a desperate or hopeless situation in someone’s life.

We have been creating and developing better products and services only from bad situations. Therefore, we should learn to embrace the bad as we do the good to find the gems within these situations.

Every time there was a plane or train crash, most of the time something technical was at fault, and through that experience something new will have to be created so that such an incident does not repeat.

Great things have always and only come out of bad situations and conditions. Many great inventions and preventions of today have been developed at the price of man’s blood and lives.

Ancient wisdom state that “something critical has to happen in our lives for spiritual awakening to happen”; and when it does, there is “knowledge” ready that shall guide us towards our goal of life.

Knowledge is what gives us the strength to go on and to rise above all adversities thrown by life. It shows us the path to be unaffected by the changes and disappointments in life. It is knowledge that comforts our troubled minds and hearts, while leading us to joy.

One legend who comes to mind is the great Nelson Mandala who was imprisoned for 27 years for his political views. He suffered. He was in pain. But while in prison, he had many realisations about life, and when he was released, he became the President of South Africa who ruled his country. Many of his quotes of wisdom circulate us today. Sometimes any kind of solitary confinement helps us find ourselves with the questions we start to ask ourselves, and this starts a journey inward. This is the start of a spiritual journey, which is a journey inwards to realising the real Self or identity of a person.

It may not seem so to anybody who is suffering at the moment, but rest assured that millions of people, including many noble and greats of our time, have once suffered too, but lived on to become mammoth icons that you and I shall admire and respect. These include Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, T.S. Elliot, Emerson, Bob Marley, George Harrison, Einstein, and Tesla, to name but a few.


“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.” – “Prosperity Bible” Book


(Extract from Rise From Your Sorrow book)