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If your story meets our criteria, we will publish your story (at the publisher’s discretion).

Story Submission:

The Criteria:

  • It has to be interesting and inspiring
  • It should (ideally) bring a tear to the readers’ eye (when reading about your challenges and sorrows in life)
  • It has to have useful insights and lessons on overcoming challenges and sorrow that readers can apply
  • It has to end on a happy and successful note – You came out triumphant!
  • You may market your business. Write a little about what you offer now
  • (Please submit 2 or 3 photos (landscape size) of yourself and business/product for your article)

You may write freely and your article can be as long as you want it to be. If you can make us cry and leave us happy at the end of your story, your article has a high chance of publication because people love reading stories of inspiration.

As a guide for your story-telling or article development, you may answer the five Interview Questions below. However, if you are a wordsmith – a wizard with the pen, you may skip these questions and write your story your way in the last field below.

Interview Questions/Story Guide:

* You may write lengthy text as there is no limit to the length of these articles
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