Why People With Knowledge & Substance Should Broadcast Themselves

By Joy Nandy

malaysian mentor

Millions Waiting in the Bustling Digital World

We are rapidly accelerating into the digital world at literally light speed.

The digital world is constantly bustling with life and new ideas. There is always something new being created in every part of the world, and no one can ever know everything that goes on in the world.

Yet, the digital world is also the place that has got everyone’s attention for every purpose.

From Education to Medical, Entertainment to Investments – we resort to the internet for just about everything we need these days.

With the arrival of COVID, and the global lockdown, has forced massive populations all over the world to the digital world for news, updates, food, and income. In fact, we use the internet for everything during the pandemic.

Knowledge is the Best Seller Online

This has given rise to more online sellers, given that every buyer is online. You and I have seen all kinds of advertisements and videos of all kinds of people selling all kinds of things online.

But I wish to discuss the education and training industry in particular.

Courses, training programmes and books are the best things to sell online and people have made millions through selling Knowledge online.

But here’s the best part.

The people who are creating and selling courses online are people who are not specialists nor passionate about what they sell. The majority of them lack substance. This is because they are Digital Marketers. They are not coaches and teachers. They learned all these digital marketing skills only to find a way to make money online.

This means that the people who are actually qualified to teach and offer courses online are not doing so. This is because trainers, teachers, and coaches are not very digitally savvy, and many are daunted with anything technical.

Many are even afraid to record a video of themselves in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. These are the people who have taught people in public seminars, but these are not the same people offering their brilliance online. On the contrary, people who are ordinary Joe’s and Joanne’s are recording videos of themselves, and many are making a living off of them. Many to the tune of millions of dollars.

Trainers & Coaches Should Broadcast Themselves

This is what I have noticed.

The real brilliance, the real genuine knowledge, is not so easily found on the internet. The people who DO NOT have the real knowledge, qualification, or experience are the people reaping the millions of dollars online – all because they understand digital technology, and they are selling mediocre courses out there. And the people who are experienced and qualified, are not, and they are missing out on millions too.

I will have you know, that digital technology is not very difficult to understand. It astonishes me that intelligent and qualified people feel so daunted by digital technology that they do not want to learn it, and prefer to work hard physically for their daily bread, when the online world can give such people a solid and better income online – effortlessly.

Coaches, trainers, teachers, and mentors should offer and monetise their experiences and knowledge online. Make your brilliance and years of experience available to the masses anywhere in the world, and in return, make yourself a handsome ransom. Be bold, and take the first step. You will discover a new world.

You can start by creating an official Facebook Page for yourself and a YouTube Channel. These are the first steps to Broadcasting Yourself – which is YouTube‘s tagline, and I love this tagline.

Go ahead – Broadcast Yourself TODAY.

*If you need any advice on how to get started, please email me at learn@schoolofdigitaladvertising.com