Your Answer to Pregnancy Safe Products

By Norhaini Mohamed Ali Jinnah

All expectant mothers will experience hormonal changes that fluctuates crazily during the pregnancy phase. This hormonal fluctuation resulted in some changes in their skin such as pregnancy breakout (acne) and melanin pigmentations. The pigmentation will increase further with sun exposure. As pregnancy progress, stretch marks and water retention could obviously be seen.

Most of the expectant mothers will embrace these changes. Their high self-esteem has encouraged them to take good care of their body and skin using their preferred skincare products.

However, most mothers are not aware on the ingredients in their preferred skincare products that mostly have harmful effect on their health and their growing baby. Most of the products on the shelves are made of synthetic and they contain toxin. Their skincare products now are no longer meant for themselves but also for the child that they are carrying through the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding as some of the harmful ingredients can be passed through the breast milk. Although we can’t see the effect immediately, the growing number of exposures of harmful chemical ingredients may cause birth defects. Like all mothers, their first and main priority is that their child is in a perfect shape and good health. Thus, choosing and selecting products with safe ingredients play an important role for every expectant mother.


How Can I Help You During and After Pregnancy?

I am here to assist mothers during and after pregnancy by sharing my knowledge on the safe ingredients to be used.

I will also assist you through this happy moment with the pregnancy safe products that are made from natural and organic ingredients. With the experience that I had been through, I would like to help you in minimising the appearance of your stretch marks, the pregnancy breakout, the production of melanin pigments, your water retention problems and many more.

My line of products is specifically designed to handle any challenges and stress you may be facing with some of the recognised products in the shelves. This will allow you to select products with ease of mind without having to worry of the content of harmful ingredients. I will help you to keep feeling attractive with your new body where you will feel complete and not feeling ashamed with the changes because all expectant mothers are beautiful.

I will not let the skincare issues ruin your happiness moment. These are the moments of uniqueness where you could cherish with your love ones and built incredible memories with pictures and videos.


About the author:

Haini has been very particular in choosing the right skincare for herself that gives the most benefits to her but all that changed when she was expecting her first child. It was no longer about her own skincare benefits but also for the benefits of the child that she was carrying. While expecting her first child, Haini has been doing a lot of reading on articles related to pregnancy and babies. She came to discover that there are a lot of risks of using most skincare and cosmetics that are available in the market because those are not safe for pregnancy which will harm her baby. Lots of research were done and she had finally managed to consolidate most of the harmful ingredients in the products. Everything at the shelves have ingredients that were not safe for pregnancy. This complication and frustration had led Haini to create and launch her own pregnancy skin care products. They are not only natural and organic but also safe and high performing.